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Remove S.klmtm2k6 from an Apple Mac, can be a bit tricky as most of the anti-virus don't detect the malware. The only solution is to download MalwareBytes for Mac. Download

I tried to fix the problem manually by removing all the cache and the extensions from Safari. It was in vain because the virus called Webshoppy installed in the application's folder

The Internet is still a lawless, unregulated and dangerous place for those careless enough to give away personal information to individuals or organisations who wouldn’t think twice about using it to fleece you. The net is infested with e-crime, rogue operators and shysters, and anyone who has had the painful experience of dealing with the fake malware program, Anti-Virus Live

Against ad-blocking. 
The Internet has changed the way we access information; we are constantly looking at our smartphones, tablets and computers to watch the news and videos, check our emails and use social networks. We take these things for granted without ever really thinking about the cost of providing these pieces of information. Using ad blockers will prevent the free access of professionals who

Browser add-ons can make your Internet experience more entertaining.  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox are the most used. I must say as a Mac user I like using Chrome with LastPass. Which are also available for IE, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers. I keep logging on and off from my social network, my client websites, my servers and my supplier sites.

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