Protecting Your Business for your office in London

Protecting Your Business for your office

Internet Security
For many organizations the Internet is a requirement, but also a constant vulnerability.Small businesses are being increasingly targeted by online and internal attacks.
My approach to security is constant, systematic and thorough:

• I obtain an overview of your computer network
• I check your network for portals allowing data to
flow in and out
• I locate and eliminate other potential liabilities
• I install the latest firewalls and anti-virus software
• I revise and upgrade your security strategy

Ensuring the security of your business has to be your top priority.
It is simply too important to ignore.

Eliminating All Liabilities
So how exactly can one locate a potential security hazard? Well, there are certain tell-tale signs which I immediately look for:

• downloaded software containing hidden malware
• inactive user accounts, exploitable by anyone with
internal knowledge of your business
• unrestricted user permissions allowing individuals
access to confidential information
• unchanged default manufacturer passwords, all
too easy for hackers to decode

And that’s just the beginning.  As I comb through your system I find and eliminate every lurking threat to your business.

Defence Against Viruses
Safeguard your systems by regularly updating your anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware software. Sounds incredibly simple, I know. But I am constantly amazed at the number of companies relying on outdated software

Always stay alert.
99% of the time, viruses are simply the result of poor working practices. It only takes one silly mistake to infect a whole network. Minimise the risk of downloading a virus. Adopt simple measures like not opening emails from unknown senders, or avoiding suspicious, or spoof, websites.Of course, report and act on anything strange or different noticed on any PC workstation. Once identified, a virus needs to be isolated from the other workstations to prevent contamination.
Defence Against Hackers 
Hackers are extremely dangerous and ready to exploit any security lapses to steal confidential information, money or even your identity.Any defence against hackers has to be based on an up to date knowledge of the latest hacking tools and methods.Don’t lower your guard. Secure and encrypt your data and keep out unwanted intruders.Also adopt common sense measures like regularly changing passwords, and not using the same password for different websites.You’d be surprised how easy people make it for hackers to steal their confidential details.
As you can see, everyone has a role in ensuring your business’s security.Adopt simple, but safe working practices and you’ll find yourself less exposed to the dangers of the Internet.